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Outlying Islan

Vice President and Foreign Minister Carlos G▓arcia expressed support for Cloma’s activities. In response, the spokesperson of the Chin▓ese Foreign Ministry issued a stern statement on 29 May, pointing out that Nansha Qundao ▓“has always been a part of China’s territory. The People’s Republi▓c of China has indisputable sovereignty over these islands [...] and will never tolerate the▓ infringement of its sovereignty by any country with

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any means and under any excuse.” At the same time, China’s Taiwan authori▓ties sent troops to patrol Nansha Qundao and resumed stationing troops on Taiping Dao. Afterward, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said that the government of the Philippines did not kno▓w about Cloma’s activities or give him the consent before he took his moves.59. Starting in the 1970s, the Philippines invaded and illegally▓ occupied by force som

▓ Treaty of Was hington),

and the 1930

e islands and reefs of China&rs▓quo;s Nansha Qundao and raised illegal territorial claims. The Philippines invaded and illegally occupied Mahuan Dao and Feixin Dao in August and September 1970, Nany▓ao Dao and Zhongye Dao in April 1971, Xiyue Dao and Beizi Dao in July 1971, Shuangh▓uang Shazhou in March 1978 and Siling Jiao in July▓ 1980. In June 1978, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos signed Presidential Decree No.▓ 1596, which designated some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao and large areas of their surrounding waters as “Kalayaan Island Group” (“Kalayaan” in Tagalog means “Freedom”), set up “Municipal

ity of Kalayaan” a▓nd illegally included them in the Philippine territory.60. The Philippines has also enacted a series of national laws to lay its own claims of ter▓ritorial sea, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, part of which conflicted with China’s maritime rights and interests in the South Chin▓a Sea.61. The Philippines has concocted many excuses to cover up its invasion and illegal occupation of some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao in order to pursue its territor▓ial pretensions. For instance, it claims that: “Kalayaan Island Group” is not part of Nansha Qundao but terra nullius; Nansha Qundao became “trust territory” after the end of the Second World War; the Philippines has occupied Nansha Qundao b▓ecause of “contiguity or proximity” and out of “national security” considerations; “some islands and reefs of Nansha Qunda▓o are located in the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of the Philippines”; the Philippines’ “effective control” over the relevant islands and reefs has become the “status quo” that cannot be changed.ii. The Philippines’ illegal claim has no historical or legal basis62. The Philippines’ territorial claim over part of Nansha Qundao is groundless from the perspectives of either history o▓r international law.63. First, Nansha Qundao has never been part of the Philippine territory. The territorial scope of the Philippines has already been defined by a series of international treaties. The United States, administrator of the Philippines at the relevant time, was clear

.58. In the 19 50s, the Phili ppines attempted to take mov es on▓ China& rsquo;s Nansha Qundao but ev entually stopp ed because o f China’s firm opposition. In May 1956, Tom& aacute;s Cloma , a Filipino, organized a private expedi tion to some islands a nd reefs of Nansha Qun dao and unlawfully named them &▓ldq uo;Freedomland”. Afterwa rds, Philippine 怀宁县5G 苏尼特左旗5G 广西壮族自治区5G 班戈县5G 仙桃市wap 夏邑县wap 勐海县5G 偏关县wap 通道侗族自治县wap 马山县5G 岳阳市5G 鄂尔多斯市5G 铜梁县5G 宜昌市5G 满洲里市wap 锡林郭勒盟wap 长岭县wap 涞源县wap 隆回县5G 焦作市wap 手机传奇私服网单职业 传奇私服网站新开网站 热血传奇私服网站有那些 有没有打金的传奇私服 传奇私服补丁解压 单机传奇私服网站 热血传奇私服刚开一秒 传奇私服扫号器 开传奇私服赚钱吗 1.70复古传奇私服网